Hajime no posto

Lining up to bow to the other team before the start of the tournament. Tournaments are single elimination. My son is on the “Junior” team, ages 6-10 with the “regulars” mainly the older kids.

It is about time I started this blog.  It’s an outlet to the world, other than through FB and emails to friends and paperless, for these cyberless thoughts in my head to start contributing to the cyber drama out there.  But more than words, it is sharing a world that I think is “normal” but when I chat with my “normal” friends, i.e. my roommate from high school and defense partner on ice from college, I realize I live “special/ Uh-huh” moments in life and would like to share with the world.  And when I chat with the mama-chans on the baseball field while watching our kids practice for 5+ hours on a Saturday and/or Sunday and/or national holiday, I realize they too don’t understand where I come from (NJ, USA) – i.e. that a 6 hour baseball practice in February in 7 degree C weather is NOT normal for a second grader, sharing the field with 50 other ballplayers aging from 6 to 16.  Thus the blog.  Welcome.  Irrrashaaiimaseeeee! Hai, Doozo!

(To my readers: Do not expect timely updates.  Expect blasts from the pasts.  Expect tangential connections with past experiences covering 40+ years across the globe in Chinese, Japanese or English.  Be kind in your posts as I am sensitive, and post only that which moves us forward or deeply. Gambare (to me mostly.)

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